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Jasmyn Richardson

Despite working at the DOJ in a civil service position that requires the highest standard of neutrality while enforcing our nation's election laws, attorney Jasmyn Richardson has made her political bias known with a series of political contributions to Democrat candidates. 

Active Democrat Donor

They say actions speak louder than words. In the case of DOJ Voting Section attorney Jazmyn Richardson, her record of giving a significant number of political contributions exclusively to Democrat candidates speaks volumes.


Bear in mind, Richardson serves in a civil service position that should be held to a standard of neutrality since she oversees our nation’s voting laws.


Instead, records show years of political contributions to Democrat candidates while employed at the Department of Justice. Richardson has made 43 contributions totaling $945.40 to Democrats.  










































And if this list of political contributions isn't enough to show how Richardson is affiliated politically, District of Columbia election records show she is a registered Democrat. 


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2. District of Colombia, Board of Elections 

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