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Daniel Freeman

DOJ Attorney Daniel Freeman made national headlines for booing former GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan at the 2013 Presidential inauguration. Despite his embarrassing partisanship, Freeman continues to hold a position of public trust enforcing America’s election laws.

Daniel Freeman’s Record of Partisan Bias

Freeman’s partisan bias has been documented several times over the years and he has been described as a “very liberal lawyer.” Conservative attorney Hans von Spakovsky wrote in a National Review article in 2013 that Freeman was another example of a partisan activist installed in a career civil service position. Spakovsky is a former attorney in the DOJ's Civil Rights Division and an election law expert.

As I pointed out in my series of articles on hires at the Justice Department in 2011, co-authored with Christian Adams, Freeman is one of the very liberal lawyers hired by the Obama administration for a career civil-service position (not a political job).

Freeman was brought into the Voting Section “following a fellowship at the New York Civil Liberties Union. He previously interned at the ACLU, where he assisted the organization with its efforts to attack the Bush administration’s national security policies. He also helped to challenge the ‘state secrets privilege’ and to support the rights of terrorist detainees at Guantanamo Bay during an internship at Human Rights First. On his résumé, Freeman proudly notes his membership in the liberal American Constitution Society, as well as his service as co-chair of the Yale Law School Democrats.”

Career civil-service jobs are supposed to be filled on a non-partisan basis, a rule ignored by this administration as the analysis of the résumés (include Freeman’s) of more than 100 highly partisan hires in the Civil Rights Division reveals.

Freeman made headlines for his vocal disapproval of Republicans when it was reported by the Daily Caller that Freeman had caused crowds to "boo" former GOP Speaker of the House and former Vice-Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan during the Presidential inauguration ceremony in 2013. 

In addition to Freeman's political outbursts, records show that he both registered as a Democrat in the District of Columbia and has given thousands in campaign contributions to Democrat candidates. 

Notably, Freeman's largest contributions include thousands to the Biden presidential campaign.









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