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Unbalanced Scales of Justice

Voting Section Bias


During our research, we identified 22 attorneys presently working in the Voting Section of the Department of Justice. Of the 22, all but one had some connection with the Democrat Party through affiliating with the Party, contributing to candidates, furthering left-wing ideals, or attacking Republican states through legal filings. 


Below we highlight our research reviewing the other 15 attorneys working in the Voting Section, a supposedly neutral civil service department that is 95% dominated by liberals, or all but one.

Amanda Hine

Conservative attorneys Hans von Spakovsky and Christian Adams wrote in an article for PJ Media in 2016 that Amanda Hine has a history of liberalism, including working on an amicus brief to overturn the convictions of five defendants that were covert Cuban intelligence agents:

...Amanda Hine worked for law firm Mayer Brown after graduating from law school in 2006, where she worked on a Supreme Court amicus brief, filed on behalf of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, urging the Court to overturn the convictions of five defendants for being covert Cuban intelligence agents and for conspiring to commit murder due to alleged “pervasive community prejudice” against the Cuban government. Part of the indictment described how these agents were charged with “infiltrating” political groups in Miami-Dade County and “sowing disinformation” with local organizations.


Hine also endeavored to stop D.C. Councilman Jack Evans from using a photo he took of himself with D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier on a campaign flyer. Hine was joined in this effort by the American Civil Liberties Union in a case that was eventually dismissed because no laws were broken...

Victor Williamson

Victor Williamson is a resident of the District of Columbia and registered Democrat. 

Richard Dellheim 

Maryland resident Richard Dellheim is not only a registered Democrat, but also has a record of contributing to Democrat candidates. 


Jacki L Anderson

A registered Democrat along with a record of political contributions to Democrat candidates, it is safe to say Jacki Anderson is one of the many attorneys contributing to the left-wing bias within the Voting Section of the DOJ. 


Jasmin Lott
A Maryland Democrat, Jasmin Lott works as an attorney in the Voting Section of the DOJ. 

Tharuni A. Jayaraman

Mr. Jayaraman works as an attorney in the Voting Section, and in addition to being affiliated with the Democrat Party as a voter in Washington DC, records show he is also a contributor to Democrat candidates.  



Zachary J. Newkirk

Records show that even while Voting Section attorney Zachary Newkirk was in college, he supported a New Hampshire Senate Democrat with a campaign contribution. 

Ernest A. McFarland

Maryland voter records show Ernest McFarland as not only a registered Democrat, but has a history of voting in the Democrat Primary.

Bruce Gear

DOJ attorney Bruce is a registered Democrat in the State of Maryland. 

Elizabeth M. Ryan

Conservative attorneys Hans von Spakovsky and Christian Adams wrote about Ryan in an article for PJ Media in April 2016:

...Elizabeth Ryan is one of the Voting Section attorneys attacking Voter ID laws in North Carolina (as is David Cooper).


While attending the University of Michigan Law School, Ryan worked closely with Professor Ellen Katz as a research assistant. Katz infamously advocated for raw partisan enforcement of the Voting Rights Act to help Democrats in a law review article called “Democrats at the DOJ: Why Partisan Enforcement of the Voting Rights Act Might Not Be So Bad After All.”


Katz argues that “partisan enforcement” of the law has “beneficial consequences.” If Ryan believes what her professor has written, we should be very concerned.

Ryan also wrote a law review article in 2009 attacking a decision by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in LULAC v. Clemens. She complained that the court had actually required a plaintiff in a Voting Rights Act lawsuit to show more than a simple correlation between race and voting patterns. Imagine that. What audacity! Her approach would permit plaintiffs to bring lawsuits where no actual discrimination occurred that are designed to help Democrats get elected while superficially claiming civil rights were violated.

Ryan started working for Senator Jim Jeffords of Vermont two years after he switched from Republican to Democrat. Her resume says she worked on “environment” and “smart growth” issues. For those who don’t know, “smart growth” is a euphemism for central planning and anti-suburban activists who want to force Americans into denser living arrangements and using mass transit, curtailing freedom of choice in housing and transportation...

Sejal Jhaveri 

Washington D.C voter records shows Sejal Jhaveri, an attorney in the Voting Section, is not only a registered Democrat, but also has a history of contributing to Democrat Candidates. 

Robert S. Berman

Voting Section attorney Robert S. Berman is a resident of Washington D.C. where he is a registered Democrat. 

Jennifer Yun

Voting Section attorney Jennifer Yun is a registered Democrat in Washington, DC and our research shows has donated exclusively to Democrat candidates. 

Emily Brailey 

A registered Democrat in the District of Colombia, Voting Section attorney Emily Brailey has also recently contributed $500.00 to Democrat Congressional candidate Daniel Hernandez. 

Michelle Rupp

Last but not least, we highlight Voting Section attorney Michelle Rupp, who records show may very well be the lone Republican in the Voting Section. The DOJ Civil Rights Division not yet fulfilled our Freedom of Information Act Requests pertaining to the department roster, so our researchers have had to identify the employees in this important division by extensive review of public records. Rupp's presence appears to be the only exception in a division that is comprised nearly entirely of high partisan liberal activists. 



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